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Welcome to the Steeplechase Subdivision. The Board of Directors of your Homeowners Association would like to congratulate you on your choice of Steeplechase as the location of your new home. The following pages of this manual are intended to familiarize you with your Association and a convenient reference guide. Specifically, this manual has been prepared for two reasons:


1.) To explain the purpose of a Homeowners Association (HOA) on how the association works.


2.) To provide an overview of your Association's policies and procedures.


For more thorough information, it is important to read the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Steeplechase Subdivision and the Association Bylaws along with all the supplements. Please keep this manual in a convenient location, and be on the lookout for periodic revisions and addendum.


As your Board of Directors, it is our goal to maintain, protect, and enhance the value of your home and lifestyle at Steeplechase. Moreover, we hope to promote an atmosphere of goodwill to the community's residents and guests.




Board of Directors

Steeplechase Subdivision Homeowners Association



Steeplechase Policies are subject to change

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